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Important information for debit card holders

Ways to Reduce Fraud

  • Monitor accounts frequently and always review monthly statements
  • Contact us immediately if anything looks suspicious
  • Alert us prior to traveling with dates and destinations
  • Give us your updated contact information so we can reach you promptly if we suspect fraud is taking place on your account
  • After-hours number to report a lost or stolen card is 1-800-264-5578
  • We will never ask you to provide your card information over the phone or via e-mail
  • Contact the bank immediately if you receive any suspicious requests for your information


Have you received a call from someone asking about account activity?  This is our Fraud Watch PLUS team calling to verify the validity of a transaction.  Simply let them know whether or not you authorized a transaction.  Not you?  They will initiate the dispute for you and get your card shut off so no more fraudulent transactions occur.  The number to reach them is 866-248-5208.

Specific information regarding the recent Home Depot breach:


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