Important information for debit card holders:

Ways to reduce fraud:

  • Monitor accounts frequently and always review monthly statements
  • Contact bank immediately if something looks supicious
  • Alert NBC prior to traveling with dates and destinations
  • Give us your updated information so we can reach you promptly if we suspect fraud is taking place on your account
  • After hours hot card number is 1-800-264-5578
  • Please be aware that NBC will never ask you to provide your card information
  • NBC will not solicit your information via text messages, emails, etc. contact the bank immediately if you receive any suspicious requests for your information

Have you received a call from someone asking you about account activity?  This is our FraudWatch PLUS team calling to verify the validity of a transaction.  Simply let them know whether of not you completed the transaction in question.  If so, they will allow the transaction to go through.  Not you?  They will initiate the charge back to you and get your card shut off so no more fraudulent transactions will be completed.  The number to reach them is 866-248-5208.




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